Wednesday, January 13, 2016

PLTW Professional Development

The fifth grade teachers felt a bit overwhelmed and under prepared for the end of Module 1.  Their PLTW module is robotics and, by the end of the first module, the children were going to build a robot that is connected to a brain allowing it to move with a joystick. 

Using the Vex kits is quite a challenge since it has thousands of pieces that have to be put together in a very specific way for the robot to work.  So the teachers asked for some time to work together to learn how to use the VEX kit with the Autodesk Innovator App to build that robot.  

Last week we got the time.  With Lisa Parisi acting as classroom teacher and the teachers playing students, we had a challenging, exciting time building.   Once they got to the part where their robot moved around, the excitement was difficult to contain.

This extra PD session was very successful.  The teachers felt better prepared and went right back to work.  All the classrooms were buzzing with the noise of children working their way through the project.  And the teachers were excellent facilitators!  PLTW is alive and well at Denton Avenue!


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